Skin & Facial


It is beneficial for your skin to have facials on a regular basis. If your lifestyle & or your time does not allow  for this, a few times a year, when the seasons change, is recommended.

Your experience will start with getting yourself comfortable in our reclined facial bed. Your esthetician will analyze your skin, then customize your facial  which is suited  exactly for you & your skin. Your skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated & a mask will be applied. You can have a peel added if you wish. You will also experience a beautiful relaxing, soothing massage, that will have all your senses tingling & feeling amazing. You will leave from your visit feeling relaxed & refreshed, with beautiful glowing skin.

If you choose the nu face lifting facial, you will have the same experience as above, as well as your face having a lift with the nu face micro current machine. The hand held machine  smoothly glides over your skin lifting, tightening & firming your facial muscles. This is a beautiful treatment. You can also purchase this machine for maintaining your youthful, firm glowing skin at home.

Institut DerMed treatment Lines

Enhancing. Great facial results using therapeutic support products, that are designed to improve your overall complexion. It is also good for pre & post skin treatments & homecare, while providing hydrating ingredients.

Renewing. Good for mature, dehydrated skin. Stimulating cell turnover, to rejeuvinate & preserve a youthful appearance, while improving skin tone & texture.

Soothing. Calms inflammatory reactions & reduces redness to normalize skin tone & maintain skins composure & a calm comfortable complexion.

Brightening. Corrects & prevents skin discoloration. Smooths & brightens the skins surface, for an even, vibrant skin tone & heathy glow.

Clarifying. Decongests clogged pores, inhibiting bacteria growth & managing oily skin conditions. This leads the skin to a clear tone & texture.

There are no parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphates, phthalates, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.  The products are never tested on animals.

Service Price Duration
Teen Facial $75 45 minutes
Treatment Facial $109 60 minutes
Nu Lift $129 60 minutes